About Pa-Kua Tustin

Pa Kua Tustin's story begins like many do: somewhere else. Pa Kua Orange, located in the historic Orange Circle, has been fortunate to see a flourish of growth the past few years, resulting in many students who love what they do enough that they wanted to begin teaching. As more and more people began to teach and new students came to learn, it became clear that Orange was too small to fit all the great energy pouring in. And so, a plan developed to open up a new location. After months of Master Clawson driving around, calling "for lease" ads to scout for the perfect spot, one finally presented itself. Looking through the big glass windows, past the water-stained ceiling tiles and faded paint, he saw potential.

A few signed papers later, work began. Enthusiastic students and masters showed up to help paint, tear out old fixtures, put together furniture, and paint some more. Little by little, the empty spot has begun to look like a Pa Kua school. But what is a school without its students and teachers?

Instructors and masters from both Huntington Beach and Orange are excited to begin teaching everything from martial arts and yoga, to tai chi and archery. There are classes for all ages and abilities, taught by people who love what they do. Pa Kua schools are connected through an International League, founded by the late Master Giordano Magliacano. The schools enjoy the benefit of receiving itinerant masters--highly skilled masters from all over the world who come visit other schools to teach special classes and improvements--as a way of keeping the Knowledge of Pa Kua consistent and allowing students to experience a little piece of a great, global community of people who love Pa Kua.

There are Pa Kua schools across the country, including Florida, Idaho, Nevada, and New York. Outside of the States, there are schools in Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and many in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. New locations are opening regularly. If you have a desire to learn, we will find a way to teach you!

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