PaKua Tai-Chi

    For thousands of years Man has looked at the planets to find out more about the Universe that surrounds us. Through the observation of the movements repeated by the planets, the seasons, and nature in general, civilization has adapted its living cycles to the cycles of the universe. Today, technology has perhaps made most city dwellers forget the rhythm of seasons (sowing on specific dates and reaping on others); it has become more important to return to the age-old knowledge of Tai-Chi and study the movements that emulate the natural life-cycles. The study of Cosmo-Dynamics incorporates slow movements that are used as a form of relaxation, and teaches control of every part of the body. The movements practiced are slow and fluent. Students will focus on developing control and form as well as increasing muscle tone and improving flexibility. Self-defense techniques are also learned unknowingly by practicing the forms. Students studying Tai-Chi will achieve better conditioning for the body and, more importantly, develop a sense of internal calm.

    Cosmo-Dynamics (Tai-Chi) is to learn to synchronize with the environment and move with the dynamics of the cosmos. The form is following in synchronization with the movements of the universe, looking for inner strength and balance in the universe using introspection. It's about opening the mind and losing the structure.

    Brief Class Overview:

    Guided Meditation
    Practice of the movement of weight
    Positions for the development of flexibility, balance and harmonization
    Circle Walking
    Development according to students’ experience
    Memorization of the form
    Training exercises applying the form
    Form with guided Meditation


      Improved Health
      Revitalized Energy
      Increased Productivity
      Improved Sleep Quality
      Joint pain Relief
      Reduced Stress

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