PaKua Reflexology

    Reflexology is a complete and ancient technique that accelerates the body’s own healing process, helping it to return to its natural state of balance. Reflexology also works in prevention, to maintain our health and stress at a natural level. We are able to achieve this by the perfect stimulation of the micro bodies in our hands, feet, and ears that represent our entire body.

    Our feet, hands, and ears actually contain a map of our bodies on them. By learning how to access a certain part of the body through massage of the foot, hand, or ear, we can promote healing or prevent organ imbalances and even diseases.

    Learn how to use Pa-Kua Reflexology for you and your loved ones. It’s a fun, relaxing experience and an enjoyable way to improve your health.

    Brief Class Overview:

    Meditation and Breathing exercises

    Qi Gong Movements

    24 Movements that Generate Energy which have a therapeutic effect on our system

    Theoretical Study of the Reflex areas

    Practical Application of Reflexology through self Massage on your hands, feet, and ears

    Study of the Chinese concepts of Energy


    Improved Health

    Revitalized Energy

    Increased Productivity

    Improved Sleep Quality

    Joint pain Relief

    Reduced Stress

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