The Many Benefits of Pakua Orange Archery

    Since she started practicing Archery at Pakua Orange several months ago, Yvonne Boyd has experienced a quieter, more focused mind. “I’ve found myself to be a lot more thoughtful, calm and patient,” says Boyd, a Black Belt Instructor. “The practice has touched something within me that has led to much growth.”

    Boyd’s experience is common for those who try Archery, says Master David Clawson, who instructs the class at Pakua Orange. “Archery is an ancient practice dating back 50,000 years that helps us rediscover the true existence of who we are as human beings. It allows us to tap into an ancient, ancestral energy inside of us—it’s in our blood.”

    Archery Leads to Self-Improvement

    The form of Archery taught at Pakua Orange is unique in that you shoot with your thumb at the chest level.
    “This form of Archery is ritualistic and therapeutic,” says Clawson. “It’s designed to strengthen and empower your core. In addition, the practice encourages better focus and coordination, including hand-eye coordination. All of this helps develop both sides of the brain.”

    For Jennifer Martinez, a yoga instructor at Pakua who has taken Archery for more than two years and is a Second Degree Black Belt, the aspect has improved many areas of her life. “I like the focus and peacefulness of Archery, and the fact that you work with yourself, as well as other students. We practice intuitive shooting. This requires focus and awareness, which has resulted in more calmness across all areas of my life.”

    Ryan Tan has also found the intuitive aspects of Archery that occur because of shooting at chest level to be life transforming. “As I continue to shoot more intuitively, I have noticed subtle improvements in my hand/eye coordination,” says Tan, an Instructor. Archery has really helped me lower my stress. Every position we learn to shoot in engages different parts of the body and mind and releases stress in different ways. There is also no better feeling than hearing the ‘pop’ sound of the arrow hitting the target.”

    Pakua Orange Archery for Children

    In the right situation with a child who is mature enough, Pakua Archery can also be transformational, says Clawson. “Archery is a unique class that can be fun for children and result in a wide variety of improvements in many areas.”

    That is what has occurred for brother and sister, Abigail and Isaac Cisneros, who have both taken Pakua Orange Archery for more than a year.

    “I enjoy the feeling of hitting the target, especially shooting a balloon and popping it,” says 10-year-old Abigail, a Junior Instructor. “That kind of sensation makes me feel half proud and half ecstatic. For me, some of the benefits of Archery are being very calm while shooting and being able to fire arrows while walking. It’s also good to be able to laugh off my mistakes, because even professionals accidentally shoot a wall or other furniture.”

    Isaac Cisneros, 12, also a Junior Instructor, has learned his own lessons. “Archery calms and relaxes me and helps me practice aiming more exactly,” he says. “Practicing Archery gave me a mindset that there could always be a little thing that could affect me or cause a mistake, so I should always double check all of my thoughts and aiming. I believe Archery exercises many different parts of the brain, so it’s challenging, but worth it when you hit your first bull’s-eye.”

    As Ernesto Cisneros, sees it, his children have learned a variety of important life skills from Archery. “I’ve watched my children become more patient and less easily thwarted by challenges,” he says. “Most importantly, they both love Archery. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most.”

    For more information about Pakua Orange Archery, visit, or call (714) 486-3263.

    Written by Julie Davis